Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Schools & Factory

" It is the school's job to  break the natural man, subdue and greatly reduce him ; in accordance with principles sanctioned by authority " 
                                                      Hermen Hesse, The Prodigy.

I came upon this book when I was venturing out in a local bookstore called Skoob. The bookstore was actually closed at that time. But after a certain time of persuading and begging the owner, he let me venture in his little piece of heaven. It was one of the most amazing places I've ever known. Simply an exquisite wonder. 

It didn't take me long to finish the book. It has only 157 pages but the impact the book has given me is something that could last for a while. This book was a clear criticism towards  education system. Written originally in 1905 - more than a 100 years and it is still relevant on today's generation. 

[Spoiler Alert:  If you haven't read the book, I might advise you to not read further]

The book started of with a promising tale of a boy with a bright future named Hans. His future was bright - Everyone wanted to teach and be beside him as he was one of the brightest student of the village. For so long, he was told to work hard, study hard and go to one of the most prestigious school of the nation. He did so. 

Everyone from the priest to the teacher predicted that his future was bright and that success would come to him as long as he studied harder. And that is what little Hans did. He didn't look left or right but straight ahead. Getting headaches as he was pressured by people around him.

Note that in this story the best and most amusing character would be the shoemaker. Later at the end of the story, a person as insignificant as a shoemaker would say something so profound that it even hit me. 

Well, as the story of Han's life progress. He succumb into a deep depression and psychological breakdown. And later at the end of the story, failed miserably to accomplish the foretold and prediction that was predicted upon him. Dying a miserable and lonely death.  Later as the father founds him dead, the shoemaker said one of the most interesting and profound thing to the father, he said it as if he predicted that Hans would not only failed but die a miserable death. It goes like this, 

"There's a few of the gentleman (schoolmaster) who have helped to drive him to this. Don't you think that perhaps we failed the boy in many ways?

It could be said, that this is a real good ending towards a strong book such as this. Many would agree that Siddhartha was one of Herman Hesse best book written by Hans, but I would say this is one of the strongest book written by him. 

It was blatant and  an accurate criticism towards the education system and what it has done to our society. But I would not as much criticize the book and point out its flaw let alone compare it to his other works. There are certain messages that was posed in this book : -

1) Have we as a society failed our children?

2) Have the education system failed us as a society?

A few weeks before I came upon this book, one of my friend decided to come out with the same question. Lets have a forum about it, discuss about it with other members of the society - he says. This is a brilliant suggestion actually. For his topic he choose a movie as a platform - Three Idiots. The 3 Idiots has the same thing in mind (almost) as what Hesse did. The failure of the educational system towards our society and its impact to us. But unlike Hesse works, the 3 Idiot was less dark and more humorous. 

But really, there is a bunch of works  (movies, novels etc) that has criticize our the education system in and its failure towards society. Other works would be - Dead Poets Society, 3 Idiots, History Boys

One book written by Sir Ken Robinson on the education system, he wrote : -

"We have a system of education that is modeled on the interest of industrialism and in the image of it. School are still pretty much organized on factory lines — ringing bells, separate facilities, specialized into separate subjects. We still educate children by batches. Why do we do that?”

Are schools indeed a factory - in which produces only batches of student that is based on grades and performances and  student may only become a person if and only if they get an A+? Lower than that, than you might as well stop dreaming. 

You want to be a doctor? Get an A+. 

A lawyer, get more than 6 A! 

U got 2 A's? Aww, to bad u can only be housewife. 

Is this how our education system is? Maybe 50 years ago, when a nation/country is developing it could be a right excuses for us to use this system. But 53 years later and we are still as the same exact point. A nation with its people are not an inanimate object, we are alive - we are like the trees - with time we need to grow and blossom and improve. With time, we need to we need to go forward. Like trees we need to aim for the sky - have u ever seen a tree grows backwards? Simple answer - no.

So what are we supposed to do about it? Should we stand and wait for another 53 years - hopping maybe perhaps the system will change? Or do we do something about it?

I'm worried about our next generation, hell I'm already worried about my current generations. There are a huge differences between a person who loves knowledge and a person who aims to get an A+.  I don't believe getting an A+  means that  you are smarter or better than the next person - its like any other things - materialistic. Its something you obtain but later in working life could not apply. 

Now days, I don't have to look hard for those type of people who glues their face on books - aiming and struggling to get an A. Its easy to spot the nerd - spot the people sprawling on the floor reading - reciting every single letter, word, sentence in the textbook. Funny isn't it, now days the fate of your future lies on a piece of paper that determines your future. Funny right?

If you were the type of person who gets A+ almost all the time - but you don't have a fucking clue who Malcom X is... You know you are being fucked by the system. I have seen people, reciting, reading, remembering every single words they read - and yet they have no clue what they are reading. Ask them about current issues - their faces blanked. Their reply - "Its not in the textbook, should I know about it?". 

If you are those type of people,I will - laugh at your face. Take my word for it. Keep in mind. 
I have more respect for  intellectually savvy people instead of textbook savvy ones. 

I hate the system - I am drowned by the system. I have been in it more than 10 years, and I say "Fuck the system". I want to - shove my middle finger. Enough is enough. When will our education system change? When we will produce visionaries instead of labour workers?

Writer feels dismay and appalled by the education system in Malaysia. 

Disclaimer :  This doesn't have anything to do with anyone I know dead or alive. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Built In Mechanism : God and Faith

"Do u believe in supernatural?"

"Well, it depends. What kind of supernatural being are you talking about?"

"Well, do u believe in ghost?"

"I do actually, primitive;but I believe they exist. Though that because sometime there is physical evidence"


"Aha, well, that's a 50-50. But being a nerd, I am.. Yes"

"Hell and heaven?"

"Well, that no. That doesnt exist. I think when we die we just stop existing".

A few months ago, I met this young chap. 
Very dashing indeed. He stood tall. 
He stood with his back arch straight. 
The way a man is supposed to stand.
His bag slinging from his left shoulder. 
His smile was dashing indeed!
His hair was tossed to the left, so when flips it, it makes a silent "wosh" sounds.
Silently his hair was also irresistible. 

I never spoke to him before. 
I never find him amusing.
Till he tells me his a fan of Orhan Pamuk, George Orwell and Syed Naquib Al-Attas
Oh, then I found him all that interesting!

Never did I knew him, I knew his name. 
I knew his course. He wears black and white almost daily.
He was inquisitive in nature. Quite. Non Melancholic. 
But overall, a pretty much regular chap.

This is a brief story about his journey in finding God.This is a conversation I had with a him a few months back.The conversation was in a noisy law faculty.With dirty floors. Dirty mugs everywhere. People coming in and out. Busy with their own whereabouts. And we were there, talking about God and religion as if it was a shopping spree.It was a fairly interesting conversation. He told me about his personal journey. It was his nature to be inquisitive. It was his nature to have a high sense of curiosity.First it starts with a question. What is god. Then it became a progressive shot of question.How does God look like? Which one is my God?

He told me, how it begins with a question and progressed into a journey.
However, I find it quite admirable. 
Instead of rejecting his own religion, he started approaching it.
First he began reading the Al-Quran. Translated it word by word.
Then he read Syed Naqquib Al-Attas, Ibn Khaldun and several other Islamic Scholars.
Might I add, for a so called avid reader  - I myself find his reading comprehension and ability to read such materials impressive and nonetheless - interesting. 

He told  me how he liked the idea of what Syed Naqquib Al-Attas views on Islam and Islam's nature. Though he wasn't inclined to the idea as a whole. Then he began reading the Bible. Calling it poetic and sort of beautiful, he liked it as well. Though he didn't like the whole idea of separation of religion that both Islam and Christians have. The whole syiah sunni/ Chatolic Mormon Orthodox ordeal is just to messy.

Next he began reading the Torrah. He told me that was a bit difficult as he had to read it in a PDF version. No Torrah in Malaysia. Okay. He told me it is amusing how this three religion was so similar yet they have so much hate with each other - he was referring to Muslim and Jews. I then beg to differ, saying that its not the religion that hates each other, its them themselves who brought the idea to the religion
I quote saying:

"We can't blame a shepherd for the mistakes done by the lamb".

He took my point and left it the question. Then next he told me how he read Buddha.He pointed out that he liked the idea brought by Buddha however it was much more for a life's philosophy. I agreed to this notion. I asked whether he read Mahabharata or Ramayana. He paused and said no. He added saying, he looked high and low for his God. He didn't find his. He added that he tried to do what he was told. He prayed. He prayed again. Again and Again. But he didn't find anything. 

Who's at fault here? Him? Or God?

Of course, we can't blame God. Out of the question. Okay. It's him. It's his fault that he didn't find God and faith. But really, he did try? Maybe faith needs to knock on his heart instead? Is it even anyone's fault? Maybe we could blame the parent, teachers, friends as well. Society is at fault too! They make him the way he is.

I didn't feel mad at him. Instead I was a bit sorry for him. I was sorry that he didn't have anything to hold on too. Maybe he would say he didn't need anything to believe in. But I believe, that everyone has this - need to find something to believe in. Something much more Superior to ourselves. 

Its like this. Humans are considered to be like lambs. We need shepherds to lead us. Guide us. Help us. We are born with a built in device to find something or someone superior to us to guide us. For example, when we are born - we tend to look at adults/parents for guide. They taught us to walk, to speak. We believe in our leaders, we believe that being a collectively together that one leader could lead us to a greater humanity.

Simple right?

Everyone has to have that built in mechanism. But could someone like him, loose that built in mechanism. Can someone live in such ways without the built in mechanism. I mean, he couldn't be the only one right? Maybe every atheist lost their mechanism to believe. Maybe all atheist are not the condemn, just the disable. - The disability to believe. 

Maybe everyone without a god should be viewed as a disable person. Maybe we could have a parking slot especially for them. Poor thing, they don't have the built in mechanism that the rest of us have. But seriously, who is at fault? 

He couldn't be the only person who has no religion and never tried searching it before. You can't point a finger and say, "Aha, U r at fault. U r ignorant. U didn't read the Koran. U never tried praying". Truth is, he might have read the Koran better than any of us. He might even read and understand the Koran better than u. Heck he even read other Muslim scholar. 

In my opinion, I can't called him shallow or ignorant. He tried. The shallow and ignorant is those who blindly follows their religion, the ones who prays day by day without one bit of understanding. They have religion to protect them, but no sense of moral values. Those who follows their religion so close without one bit of understanding, go ask him about what the Koran says, he would reply by saying " I read it because my parents asked. I don't understand it". Those are so close to their believes, they condemn other. Fill their heart with what they called belief but condemn others. 

Those are ignorant and shallow. 

So what is he? 


Who is at fault?

I can't answer that. But I pray for him. Insyallah, he will gain faith. Faith is a slow process. Its not something you are given to by hand. It is something that we individually have to seek for. 

But that is up to Him to decide. 

I would end this with a saying by Rumi. 

“Knock, And He'll open the door
Vanish, And He'll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything.”  Rumi

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Apolitical Intellectuals.

One day
the apolitical
of my country
will be interrogated
by the simplest
of our people.
They will be asked
what they did
when their nation died out
like a sweet fire
small and alone.
No one will ask them
about their dress,
their long siestas
after lunch,
no one will want to know
about their sterile combats
with "the idea
of the nothing"
no one will care about
their higher financial learning.
They won't be questioned
on Greek mythology,
or regarding their self-disgust
when someone within them
begins to die
the coward's death.
They'll be asked nothing
about their absurd
born in the shadow
of the total lie.
On that day
the simple men will come.
Those who had no place
in the books and poems
of the apolitical intellectuals,
but daily delivered
their bread and milk,
their tortillas and eggs,
those who drove their cars,
who cared for their dogs and gardens
and worked for them,
and they'll ask:
"What did you do when the poor
suffered, when tenderness
and life
burned out of them?"
Apolitical intellectuals
of my sweet country,
you will not be able to answer.
A vulture of silence
will eat your gut.
Your own misery
will pick at your soul.
And you will be mute in your shame.
--Otto Rene Castillo

This was written by Otto Rene Castillo in the mid 60's. 

He was a revolutionary. He was poet. He was a man. He was a Marxist. 

He intended this for all the apolitical people. The so called cowards. This is a personal pang for me, for I am one of those cowards. For I am indecisive in my stands. I'm a liberal u see, I believe in human rights, I believe in justice, I believe in equality. I make myself sound like a great humanitarian. But really, these are the things I believe in. And not one of my country's party hold them upright. To talk about the government and opposition is another thing, main topic for today is being apolitical. 

Apolitical is when a person takes no interest in politics. They are the ones in a party, sitting in corner not joining the mass as they r either to shy or to afraid on the outcomes. But, not all are alike. One Nina said something to me that made me realize how stupid it is to proclaim oneself apolitical. 

'One day, U have to chose a side. And choice are what we called democracy. Without it, there would be no democracy".

How true can that be. But yes, to pick a side is quite difficult isn't it. To pick a side is another thing, to respect the latter is as difficult. The useless of the useless is those who proclaim to proclaim themselves as apolitical intellectuals. Creates a controversy aint it? To produce such statement. However, it is quite vexing for one to choose their believes. Especially one was given such statement as "To choose from a lesser evil". Well, that is pretty much adding salt to the situation. Not only u are indecisive on who to choose, but both parties seems to be incapable of running a country. Their sentiments are downright bizare, downright outrages and they treat us like morons!  How insulting. 

So, how can Castillo justify such situation? 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Living for 19 years

Lived on this earth for 19 years. Well not officially.

Birthday is on 26 October 1993. Tomorrow. Yesterday. Depending on where u r reading this.

26 October 1993.

Mom gave birth to me on a Thursday at 5.55 pm.

Weird number. 5.55 pm.

Ironically I don't like Thursday (Due to Kesatria Negara)

How's life so far for the past 19 years?

Well its good. I don't want to repeat it though (Hell No).  Life is okay. Oh-kay. It has its ups and downs. Life is cool. This is going to be one of those super-short post. If u r a friend of mine, and hopping to find what I want for my birthday. Well, I want a few things :

1 - I want a new scheduler (For 2013)

2- Books ( U can spend on me during Big Bad Wolf)

3- I want a cake with 19 candles on it with a small sweet surprise by my friends

4- I want all of my friends and family to be here. (Merely impossible, but this is my only wish)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Murder Story in Istanbul


Let me begin to tell you, how I love books. Books are my sanctuary, they are my haven, my escapade.
I can tell how good the book is by reading the first two passage of the books. If a book starts with a melancholic tone, I would know how somber and dark the story will be. If a book starts with an upbeat optimism, whatever mood u are in, you would probably succumb to the mood in which the writer is trying to convey. I however, I prefer when the writer starts with curiosity  like in the "Life of Pi by Yann Martel." There are many types of genre of novel that I read, but I wouldn't call myself a Universal Book Reader. I am quite picky when it comes to book.

There are some books that I would love to grab and have it stacked neatly on my shelf, but because of its high prices (I don't buy books above RM 50), I would tend to make a mental note and try to find those books in a flea market. There are several books that I've been itching to buy and have. I have a disorder, Book Collector Disorder, its a disorder in which collecting book is no longer a hobby but something that I need to do. (This disorder is entirely a fabrication, but  any book lover would understand).

There are several great authors that I have yet to read their masterpiece. There are the following ;

1) George Orwelli : 1984
2) Gabriel Garcia Marquez : One Hundred Years of Solitude
3) Franz Kafka : The Metamorphosis
4) Haruki Murakami : 1q84
5) Orhan Pamuk : My Name Is Red

Please, play the drum rolls everyone!

I am happy to inform u my dear and loyal readers (I doubt; I will be having any hits in this), that I have read the 5th book on the list. This is all thanks to Mr Haikal Hikmal. While I am at it, I might say a few words of gratitude to Haikal for lending me this amazing piece of literature, if it wasn't for him I would have never known such a beautiful and extraordinary masterpiece!

Part I : Beginning 

I rarely make any commentary reviews because the fact is, I might have a lot of things to say and most of the time its really hard to judge a book after u r done reading it. I have never, mark my words, ever, write any commentary reviews as long as this one. There are several other good books that I would recommend in which it is as good as this book, but in the sense, Orhan Pamuk wrote the book so well that it would be sin  not to share the depth and impact it has made readers.

You know a book will be good when the chapter begins with " I am A Corpse". It doesn't have any  melancholic feel to it nor an optimistic feel to it, nay, it was quite contrary.

It didn't have any philosophical depth like :

I am A Corpse; as in I am a man who doesn't anything in life but numbness.

It doesn't have any hidden message such as.

I am a Corpse : I have longed to be a human and feel the world as others. Nay nay!

It was quite simple really.

I am A Corpse : I am a guy who got killed by someone I knew. I died because the murderer push me into the well. I died. Therefore I am a Corpse. A body without a soul. Literally.

Like I said earlier,  one could judge how good a book really is by the first two passage. Even by the first passage u would be surprise how simple yet elegant Orhan managed to write his story. It was so elegantly written one could imagine it being as smooth as the silk itself. The book is simple, yet it has its own depth that readers need to understand.

Part II : I am the Murderer.

In the middle of reading this, I couldn't help but see the similarity in the style of which Pamuk depicts the Murderer. The last murder/mystery novel that was as thrilling and as good as Pamuk's would be Fyodor Dostovesky (Which is also one of most favourite authors all time). To some who have read, Dostoevsky's work might disagree with me, saying that his work was much blunt and is not as sophisticated as Pamuk's. Well, dear sir, this is only my opinion, and my opinion alone. But yes, Dostovesky's work was much more dark. In his novel he describe that the murderer is trying to run away from his crime and was quite ashamed in his own crime. But in Pamuk's story, the murderer was quite the contrary. He was much more vain, he was even proud in his crime. In a few chapter, the killer was confident  enough to brag about how intelligent and calculative he was in his manoeuvre. He was quite sure that no one would/could ever catch him and he would be safe.

Perhaps, this is why I relate Pamuk's work to Dostovesky, how different the two characters are. In Dostovesky Crime & Punishment, the character reveals his true identity but he is scared, unsure, sick and is depress in his own vile action that he whimpers and crumble and even hope that someone would/might catch him. While in Pamuk's work, the character is a totally different, in the sense that he hides his true identity. He doesn't reveal his name, character or even personality and leaves reader wondering. Every reader who have read Pamuk's book would somehow wish that they have the same 6th sense that  the infamous Detective Sherlock Holmes has in detecting a criminal.

If u would give a minute or two and just think: what does evil really mean? Does it mean, how we establish an action or how react a killer react after killing another person? One might say, that evil would means both: having the intention to kill and the reaction one have after killing another human being.

I might agree, but only to a certain extent.Yes, I might agree, that if a person who has the intention to kill someone might not be call evil but to actually kill someone, yes, there is a definite line which separates a normal being from a criminal. However, there is a certain degree of evil that we can establish from the killers reaction. One might assume, that if a killer is in a lot of distress after killing someone, we might assume that the killer is quite sorry in his action. If u were to read, Crime and Punishment, the writer depicts how the Murderer was sick and bed ridden for days after he murdered his victim. He was describe as melancholic, depressed, feeble and somewhat mad.

But in I am Red, Pamuk wrote that the Murderer was quite calculative, that the murder was planned and was well organized. In a few chapter, reader would notice that the murderer was somewhat vain, egoistic, narcissistic and proud. He was too proud,  and he believed and was confident that he was indeed above the law, and no one would know who he truly is. However, it was quite ironic that there some small trace of fear in the murderer as he didn't reveal his identity to the reader, leaving us (esp me) agitated and quite intrigued in the true identity.

Part III : Philosophy Vs Religion

In every book, where there is a murder there would be a murderer, no? Yes. But not all murderer in a typical book u read would have a true grip of his/her religion. In I am Red, the murderer was a true believer in god. He wasn't an atheist nor was he has liberal mind. To me, he is considered as a conservative muslim. In an era where Ottoman Empire ruled and their Sultan came second after God, it wasn't so surprising that the Murderer tried his best to conceal his true identity. (Yet, he didn't do so well in concealing his pride)

I find it entirely amusing to read and be a spectator in the scene where the murderer has contradiction with his own principle. Here is a man, who loves his God, who would do anything to protect his religion. But he is also a painter, a miniaturist:  he believe that the Western Art is despicable and doesn't belong. Then again, he is only a miniaturist, a servant to a master, his arts are his pride, but how could he be proud of such arts that could contradict with his religion?


Yes, sex is an art. And only few can manage to describe how artistic and erotic sex and romance can be. Pamuk managed to do that. He made sex looks as beautiful as Mona Lisa's Smile and  it was sensual yet erotic! At the same time u manage, to see how beautiful sex really is. In this modern age, we need to be reminded how sex was a topic that can only be discussed behind the doors ; and he managed just that. He was talking about sex, but not in a direct manner in which it could sometimes be a turn off, nay, he wrote it a very discreet yet romantic manner that I find myself longing for more. How I wish he wrote more the scene between Black and Shekure ; the secret indulgence that the two loves had in the Jewish House. Every single words by Pamuk was arousing, every single detailed he wrote was so precise and intense, one could not do anything else but longed for more!

I have never, written such a long review before. I hope, the length doesn't stop u from reading the review. Sorry for any spelling or any grammatical error. Au Revoir!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Twitter : Extended Version

There are so many things I complain on Twitter that I would like to share and explain. Due to the 140 character limit (I accepted the challenge) I can't justify some of my snide comments about regular day to day things. I tweet things that are rather annoying to me and I would like to state my reason for my comment. Well lets do this.

#1 : JaNgGaN TyPe MaChAm Niew La BinGai.

I hate this type of typing. What kind of skills are you portraying? I hated it back in 2006 (When I first got my own      mobile phone) and I still hate it. It portrays pure idocracy. Whoever types like this made Harry and Llyod (Dumb and Dumber) seem like geniuses. They had Dumb, Dumber and  A Motherfucking Idiot and that would be you. You were so idiotic that u became the third installation of the movie series.

 Instead of typing at a relatively high speed (like any normal users) u would spent twice the time shifting your fingers to hold the Shift or Caps Lock button on each letters. Instead of using less letter you would use more letter to enhance your so called  "creative minds". You would probably try to defend your stand and say that you could do as you please and it is your Twitter page and I could simply unfollow you. Well the thing is, I like my  native language. I love how beautiful Malay and English really is. I do, people like A Samad Said, Faizal Tehran, Abdullah Hussain worked really hard to show how beautiful our native tongue really is. And here we have you, ruining the language that is so beautiful and magnificent. How hard is it for you type properly and use proper English and Malay.

#2 Use your OWN name for Twitter and Facebook

This is especially for Facebook. I am so sorry to : "Puteri Lagenda Mahsuri" or "Lelaki Tampan" or "ItI ApIqAh AmAd" or "Pisang Kacak Petola" - for ignoring and declining your facebook friend  request. I can't simply add all the fruits and princesses that I know. I do, decline them, without even checking their facebook page. I will immediately..Let me just stress the word..IMMEDIATELY, declined or report as spam your friend request or facebook page (depending on your name and picture). How could I approve a man named, Pisang Kacak Petola. How the fuck that is even possible? Did your parents decided a banana would be a great first  name? Did you think your parents decided you look like a PETOLA and you weren't just any PETOLA, you were a goddamn looking PETOLA, hence the name..KACAK PETOLA. Seriously, brother..Your parents are not the retards here. You were. You were. You were the one that decided that you wanted your name to be a PISANG KACAK PETOLA...because Muhammad Safi wasn't good enough, you decided that you wanted to be a fruit and a good looking vegetable as well. For some reason, I think people like Pisang Kacak Petola should be banned from all networking site. For some, like Iti Apiqah Samad(I'm to lazy for the Caps Lock retardation here) decided that Siti Syafiqah Samad is not  "cute" enough, so Iti would  be a great replacement. Oh how cute, you want the whole world to call you Iti. This is beyond words. Its consider as an insult for me if anybody else call my name other than my real name. I would expect you to pronounce it properly and as written in my identification card. But again, this people will defend themselves with statement such as "its their facebook and they have rights to do as they please."

Okay I might have to break my reasons down so that I would have a much clearer point. First, a Facebook is not like any other social networks, it is consider to be as close to your identification card  here in the network. You are no longer unknown, you are consider to be known and you will exist in the net. Facebook, is and will be your identification card. So. I don't give a doddle dang about how you want to be known in the network, but here in Facebook you should consider to use your own name on the site. Its you ID? Do u want people to call you Pisang or Petola or any other ridiculous name out there? Besides, calling your princess or princes on the network doesn't change the fact that you are definitely not a royalty. Secondly, I wouldn't if you would consider at least for you to put your real name somewhere in you page. Or at least, the least you could do is to stick to that one nickname and not change it. I've seen so many people, with 10 different nickname that varies from ridiculousness to pure idocracy to the "mind blowingly idiotic" nicknames. I've seen people's name with SYMBOLS for crying out loud. Who do you think you are? Only Prince, can get away with symbolic names.

So this is my current post, after so long of delaying my post I decided to bitch out loud about "unethical" Twitter and Facebook Users. Till then, ciao baby.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rosmah V Yubaba

Met Yubaba from Spirited Away, she had a long lost twin. Lost in Malaysia to be precise.