Thursday, 31 May 2012

Green Eyed Girl

Skies were blue. Grass was green as it was the beginning of Summer. Mr and Mrs A was sitting on their sofa, lavishing their view from their sofa. Mrs A picked up a magazine. It was summer 1985, where everything would go well in Mr and Mrs A lives, as Mr A had a $1200 dollars raise in his $4000 paycheck. For what reason was the raise given was uncertain, maybe the economy was good, or maybe business was good. But a raise is a raise, no question asked. Mrs A picked up the magazine she bought earlier in the market. The "Afghan Girl" embrace the cover. She had a maroon almost dirt red color veil on her head. Her dark hair was short, her face was unlike any other girl she seen before. She had roundish face which was distinguishable. Her face was cover with dirt. But her eyes, Mrs A, and stared at that eyes. Stared and stared. The eyes, was a greenish sea colored eyes. Mesmerizing. The eyes was hypnotic. It drew her closer and closer to the girl. The girl's eye were powerful indeed. She didn't bother to flip the page as she had already lost interest in the magazine. Mr. A realized what's happening and asked. Mrs A, shrug and pass the magazine to her husband. "The Afghan Girl? Well she looks like she needs a bath eh honey?" Mr A commented. Mrs A shrug and left her husband be. Mr A, left the magazine on the coffee table. 3 months from now, the magazine will be shredded and forgotten. No one knew where and how the green eyed girl came from. No one bothered to read her stories.

Those eyes, were eyes witness a thousand pain and a thousand woes. Those eyes witness war on hand. Those eyes blinked as blood shed and land turn red as her family was killed in front of her. Those eyes was flooded with nothing but anguish and misery. Those were the eyes of a brave girl.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chimera, Beginning.

The pronunciation to my blog is, Chi - Meh - Rah.

Chi as in the ending to Tai Chi. The pronunciation is the same, the origin is truly a spectacular wonder. 

Instead of writing the whole direct answer to your question, I would instead give wto different scenario in which the word "Chimera" originated from. In which, the word will originate from two different era with an entirely different meaning. So my beloved readers, all you have to do is choose the right answer and voila', you would be right. 

Chimera Part I

Chimera as many of you,who don't know, its an actual mythology creature based on the ancient Greek. It was describe in the story of Lost Paradise by Milton of Ancient Greek. According to Greek Mythology, Chimera was a creature with three different sets of head, one of a lioness, one of a snake and a goats head. (Three huge migraine in one creature). It was said that the Chimera main purpose was to kill and terrorize humanity as well as to conquer the land of immortals. Well, what I really think about this creature is that this is one awkward bizarre creature with one awkward bizarre body. Not only they have three separate head, but they spit fires as well. Based on the (Oh Mighty) Greek, Chimera greatest ability was to spit fire. Isn't that just a bit off, three head spitting fire. Chimera make Lock Ness  Monster looks so normal right now.
Moving on, this PMS three head dragon invaded a town called Lycia in northern Greece. And like any other monster it rampaged across the city causing much grief to the city, so then the town called their own version of Superman name Bellerophon.

Then, with his might sword, Bellerophon stab old mighty three headed beast and caused the fire within the beast to kill itself. Ladies and gentleman, with that is my first version to which my blog tittle originated from. 

Chimera Part II

Chi - Meh - Ra, originated from the English word, which brings the meaning of an illusion. Chimera ; -an illusion of fabrication of the mind; especially known as an unrealized dream ( Merriam Webster). Simply that, nothing more. Chimera is a synonym for words like ; - Mirage, dream, illusion.. 

So there you go, two different sides to the coins. Which one makes most sense, does my blog, originated from a PMS three headed creature with major problems on their head (Get it?) or is it a word to describe dreamers and illusion? Well personally, I love the three headed creature for its uniqueness, but lets just stick to normal English, shall we?

P.S : I wonder, whether or not the Chimera (Creature) had three different sets of vaginas as well? (Chimera is said to be a female creature)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Bonjour! Le Jour de Le'an 

Day One.

Mostly known as a dreamer, I to have decided to write on this webpage called the Internet. Well some of us must know that this is definitely not my first blog and definitely is not a private blog either. It is (unlike my other social interaction page) this form of writing is open to all.

I may have some irregularities when it comes to writing (I tend to jump from one topic to another, Inconsistently) but be aware that my true purpose to write is to express my conviction on a rather wide perspective of things. I may sometime write about politics, food, movies and yes, my private life as well. So here, is my first (and thousand of more to come, hopefully) on the things I rather cherish for.

My words are truly my opinions and thoughts on many things. But I hope, readers such as you (thank u for reading) my mighty sir, has to have an open mind and open heart to my critics. I do not welcome such harsh comeback and any snide comment from readers. Much rudeness doesn't make the world any better now.

Oh just to inform you readers, I write both in Malay and English (My English is quite ridiculous at time). So if I do happen to make any spelling or grammatical error (God Forbid), move along and pretend like nothing happen.

My upcoming post will be up in anytime soon (that is, after my work shift ends). Writing (Typing) on my work desktop is not fun, but it gives me time to make some research on the upcoming topic.

Au Revoir!