Thursday, 25 October 2012

Living for 19 years

Lived on this earth for 19 years. Well not officially.

Birthday is on 26 October 1993. Tomorrow. Yesterday. Depending on where u r reading this.

26 October 1993.

Mom gave birth to me on a Thursday at 5.55 pm.

Weird number. 5.55 pm.

Ironically I don't like Thursday (Due to Kesatria Negara)

How's life so far for the past 19 years?

Well its good. I don't want to repeat it though (Hell No).  Life is okay. Oh-kay. It has its ups and downs. Life is cool. This is going to be one of those super-short post. If u r a friend of mine, and hopping to find what I want for my birthday. Well, I want a few things :

1 - I want a new scheduler (For 2013)

2- Books ( U can spend on me during Big Bad Wolf)

3- I want a cake with 19 candles on it with a small sweet surprise by my friends

4- I want all of my friends and family to be here. (Merely impossible, but this is my only wish)