Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rosmah V Yubaba

Met Yubaba from Spirited Away, she had a long lost twin. Lost in Malaysia to be precise. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012


This is my first post from my actual laptop (being I am at home, bored). The tittle in Untitled because this would mean I'm posting something related to my actual private life (in another words, non political stuff). I am looking for new topics to talk about, the Idea was to post on Aung San Suu Kyi, but that would mean, a long post praising the good will woman and most commenting (bashing) on the Burmese government. But till then, I will wait till the true inspiration comes forth. For now, this is me rambling about my life. Finding the next topic (the next big thing) is not quite easy. I would love to talk about my work in the UN, but since its going at a very slow (tortoise speed) I would rather put that topic on hold...

I want to talk about my dreams becoming part of a convoi team to help the people in Afghanistan, but that will bore you to death. I want to talk about my wish to go to Cambodia and stay that and help the people of Cambodia. I want to talk about so many things, but like others..I have a (major) problem in describing the things I want. Generally, I want to help. Generally, I want to make a difference. But don't we all. The difference between me and you is, whether or not, you are actually doing something to change the world or that you just hope  to change the world. Cause you see, actions and words are something majorly different.


I am definitely rambling. This is me, typing beside Mimi (My cat)..about the things I want to talk about and the things I wish to talk about. In other words, I'm just rambling...till my new brilliant idea pops. Who said, having your blog is easy? I'm no socialist. I don't have an exciting life. But I do have big dreams, dreams that I planned to fulfill when the right time comes. Till then, au revoir.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pyramids & The Twin Tower

This would be be my first post in regards to world politics and the revolution surrounding it. I had re-draft, re-write several times to get this article right. I'm here with my office keyboard on my lap, typing vigorously on something that I know best. Politics and the people who is involve with it. This ladies and gentleman, would be another long post and it would drag on for a while (as I would talk on the history of Egypt) and I would as well give my thought in regards to the situation in Malaysia and my thoughts  on the subject. This, I beg your pardon, wouldn't be another of pro-Bersih or anti-Bersih post. I am not a pro-gov or anti-gov, I am just an observer with thought that needs to be expressed and known to others. My thoughts won't be significant one, but it shall be spoken, nevertheless.

Part I 

It all started with a boy named, Hosni Mubarak. 

(Isn't this old boy charming!) 

Hosni Mubarak, is like any other young teenage dreamers, with dreams to become one of the most successful and powerful men of all Egypt. To reign and rule. That was his ambition. Hosni, who was appointed as the Vice President of Egypt in 1975, then on  14 October 1988 Hosni boy was elected as Egypt's 4th President. Then, old boy Hosni got a bit to greedy and decided to stay as Egypt's president from the year 1988 - 2011. To make it pretty clear, our first Prime Minister was during our Independence Day, which was on August 31st 1957, and since 1957 - 2011, we have already had 12th General Election since the year of 1957. (Do correct me if I'm wrong). 

Well lets not get ahead of ourselves, lets get back to the simple math here. Hosni reign and govern the people of Egypt for 23 years! That a combination of years of Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir Mohammad and Abudllah Badawi all together (and well a few years from our own Big Daddy, Dato Sri Najib Razak). And to summarize the situation  of Egypt's political turmoil of 23 years, the ordinary people of Egypt decided to react.  People like you and me, sitting down watching telly at home finally realized that this man right here has sit and rule for to long. They can't be called a democratic country if the situation persist.

Revolt, Revoke and Change

The Middle East revolution started with Tunisia on 17 December 2010, as many of you are aware ( I doubt that) the Middle East revolution started when a video of a man named Mohammad Bouaziz when viral on the Internet, the media and shook the whole world. The video was a clip of Mohammad Bouaziz setting himself on fire to protest against the confiscation of the fruit and vegetables he was selling from the police. Which caused a particular outrage and cause a rebel among the Tunisians. Not many of the Tunisian would know that this small rebel would be a catalyst to what is known of the Middle East revolution. Here we are in Malaysia, several thousand kilometers away, sipping our coffee, watching our telly, and going on about our daily lives, people in Tunisia and several hundred thousand people like Mohammad Bouaziz decided that enough is enough.

Like many mad mob (those in pitchforks screaming get out of town) they were ordinary people who has been stomp, stepped and crossed over and it was there turn to show who's the boss. The word as I recall (V for Vendetta), the people shouldn't fear the government, is the government who should fear their people. And with ladies and gentleman, the people of Tunisia, revolt, and was an essential catalyst to what is known as the big revolution. On January 2011, the people of Egypt decided to take action. A series of demonstration, protest began. Media declared that Cairo had entered "war-zone", expatriate in the country fled with fear. The country where pharaohs, kings, Egyptian myth lies now was considered a grey area and harmful for expatriate. Like many other middle east country, Egypt was finally awake. On 25th January 2011, which happens to be a national holiday to commemorate the police forces, Egyptians take to the street in large numbers calling it a "day of rage". Egypt has open it eyes. Egypt roared and it roared loud. It roared for others to here. That enough is enough.

On 23 May 2011. Egypt's effort bear fruitful as Egypt had their first independent election after 23 years under the reign and power of Mubarak. Egypt was free to elect their leader. Among those who are nominated was the Muslim Brotherhood. Thousand lined up on Tahrir Square and their nearest polling station, ecstatic to be able to be apart in Egypt's new era. To be apart of the government. To be able to vote. To be given back their rights as a citizen. To have the chance to rebuilt Egypt and this time make it right. So what does Egypt and Malaysia has in common? Well, here is one thing that Malaysia has in common with Egypt. Like Egypt, Malaysia to has decided to stand up and express their vex in Malaysian's so called democracy. '

The Twin Tower

Bersih 2.0 was established with the simple of objective of wanting a clean election. Bersih 3.0 had the same similar objective. Question is, yes, we might not have a 100% clean election, but what is the true definition of a clean election? Can anyone describe and explain to me what a 100% clean election truly mean. An election itself is not a physical object that can be touched, heard or smell (if it was, it would be easy as to define a "clean election"). Many or as to be precise thousand of Malaysia has join the Bersih 3.0 rally to expressed their feelings in regards to Malaysian dirty election. As a citizen and as an owner of the blue identity card, I to agree on the idea of a gathering ( mark my words, I use gathering) and a calm and peaceful objection to a free and clean election. I do not, however agree on the idea of a radical protest or an angry protest. We, Malaysian, have nothing to be angry at, we did not have Hosni Mubarak as a president, we only had Najib Razak  (Their last name actually rhymes) . I mean, this guy ain't as bad as Hosni right? We had Mahathir, he did sat on the executive seat for quite a while but he didn't sat there for 23 years (He had something in common with Mubarak. Mubarak Jailed on of Muslim Brotherhood VP and disabled them as a party. Plus, He [Mahathir]  gave Badawi and Najib to have that chance) and so here we are, protesting, demonstrating and having quite a few of rallies (radically and non radically)  to express our feeling towards Malaysian Dirty Election.

But let me ask you again, as a reader, can u define a true clean election? What is a clean election?

Is a clean election means that Anwar and the PKR would (should) win, something (someone)  else besides UMNO and BN?

If you answered yes to the question, than clean election is not what you want, you are just anti-government. You are (as much as you deny) not pro clean election. Whatever you pro you are, you are definitely not looking forward to this pro-clean election. Because in my opinion, a clean election is whichever party wins, and was declared by a non-government organisation (In which we have our SPR) that the majority party who (subsequently won most vote) will be declared as the one who will lead the people. 

Unfortunately, everyone has their own two sides to the coins. What we want as a clean vote, will later change, we want our ( Insert name of politician via party) to win and lead our people. Instead of, we want a clean election in which who ever wins will be entitled to their winning. Like our dear old Egypt, they have already had their election and votes came out and apparently some of Mubarak's friend (party) actually won the majority vote. And much to the Muslim Brotherhood dismay, they have declared that the election and voting polls was disrupted (in other words, it means not so clean vote). However, Mubarak ( and his son) was later charged under Egypt's court for corruption and conspiracy ( and other criminal charges) and was sentenced by their court. So is the Egypt's election result was truly tempered and thus not worthy of Egypt's people trust. The Muslim Brotherhood was among who called and screamed that the election poll was temper (oh so they say) or is it truly that most (or certain) people still want the Mubarak's kin to govern the government. Will this be us Malaysia?

Will we be satisfy if the so BN or UMNO (or other majority party) wins a majority vote regardless of the steps taken by NGO, government and the individual itself. Will we ever be satisfy? 

Regardless of how you fill, we have protest. evoke, evolve and open our eyes to our rights as a citizen. Essentially that means we are entitle to vote, and vote we shall, regardless of who and what party we pick that doesn't really matter does it. Because what truly matter is, the person who is responsible to run and govern us.  We have done our best to show our concern about the country and we have prove that we are the people and we have a voice (A very loud one) but at the end of the day our job is not done, we have yet to elect our next Prime Minister. I am very intrigue in what is in store for us (Malaysia) as the coming general election is getting near (and more intense) we shall see who would win. But dear old Malaysia, be aware that our government has definitely heard us (fear us as well) because we finally showed a revolution is not hard to be triggered. Is just that, is Malaysia, prepare to undergo the same situation as the Middle East? Till then, keep your pitchforks and just go along with the flow as we are not the Middle East. We have our own identity, we are not the West, East, we are Malaysia. And Malaysian we shall be.