Monday, 2 July 2012

Twitter : Extended Version

There are so many things I complain on Twitter that I would like to share and explain. Due to the 140 character limit (I accepted the challenge) I can't justify some of my snide comments about regular day to day things. I tweet things that are rather annoying to me and I would like to state my reason for my comment. Well lets do this.

#1 : JaNgGaN TyPe MaChAm Niew La BinGai.

I hate this type of typing. What kind of skills are you portraying? I hated it back in 2006 (When I first got my own      mobile phone) and I still hate it. It portrays pure idocracy. Whoever types like this made Harry and Llyod (Dumb and Dumber) seem like geniuses. They had Dumb, Dumber and  A Motherfucking Idiot and that would be you. You were so idiotic that u became the third installation of the movie series.

 Instead of typing at a relatively high speed (like any normal users) u would spent twice the time shifting your fingers to hold the Shift or Caps Lock button on each letters. Instead of using less letter you would use more letter to enhance your so called  "creative minds". You would probably try to defend your stand and say that you could do as you please and it is your Twitter page and I could simply unfollow you. Well the thing is, I like my  native language. I love how beautiful Malay and English really is. I do, people like A Samad Said, Faizal Tehran, Abdullah Hussain worked really hard to show how beautiful our native tongue really is. And here we have you, ruining the language that is so beautiful and magnificent. How hard is it for you type properly and use proper English and Malay.

#2 Use your OWN name for Twitter and Facebook

This is especially for Facebook. I am so sorry to : "Puteri Lagenda Mahsuri" or "Lelaki Tampan" or "ItI ApIqAh AmAd" or "Pisang Kacak Petola" - for ignoring and declining your facebook friend  request. I can't simply add all the fruits and princesses that I know. I do, decline them, without even checking their facebook page. I will immediately..Let me just stress the word..IMMEDIATELY, declined or report as spam your friend request or facebook page (depending on your name and picture). How could I approve a man named, Pisang Kacak Petola. How the fuck that is even possible? Did your parents decided a banana would be a great first  name? Did you think your parents decided you look like a PETOLA and you weren't just any PETOLA, you were a goddamn looking PETOLA, hence the name..KACAK PETOLA. Seriously, brother..Your parents are not the retards here. You were. You were. You were the one that decided that you wanted your name to be a PISANG KACAK PETOLA...because Muhammad Safi wasn't good enough, you decided that you wanted to be a fruit and a good looking vegetable as well. For some reason, I think people like Pisang Kacak Petola should be banned from all networking site. For some, like Iti Apiqah Samad(I'm to lazy for the Caps Lock retardation here) decided that Siti Syafiqah Samad is not  "cute" enough, so Iti would  be a great replacement. Oh how cute, you want the whole world to call you Iti. This is beyond words. Its consider as an insult for me if anybody else call my name other than my real name. I would expect you to pronounce it properly and as written in my identification card. But again, this people will defend themselves with statement such as "its their facebook and they have rights to do as they please."

Okay I might have to break my reasons down so that I would have a much clearer point. First, a Facebook is not like any other social networks, it is consider to be as close to your identification card  here in the network. You are no longer unknown, you are consider to be known and you will exist in the net. Facebook, is and will be your identification card. So. I don't give a doddle dang about how you want to be known in the network, but here in Facebook you should consider to use your own name on the site. Its you ID? Do u want people to call you Pisang or Petola or any other ridiculous name out there? Besides, calling your princess or princes on the network doesn't change the fact that you are definitely not a royalty. Secondly, I wouldn't if you would consider at least for you to put your real name somewhere in you page. Or at least, the least you could do is to stick to that one nickname and not change it. I've seen so many people, with 10 different nickname that varies from ridiculousness to pure idocracy to the "mind blowingly idiotic" nicknames. I've seen people's name with SYMBOLS for crying out loud. Who do you think you are? Only Prince, can get away with symbolic names.

So this is my current post, after so long of delaying my post I decided to bitch out loud about "unethical" Twitter and Facebook Users. Till then, ciao baby.